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These instructions are for a PC but should work for a MAC. You do not need a live radio stream to test sound configuration . Why not get a low cost shoutcast or icecast radio stream from the Black Talk Media Project?
Setting Up External Sound Card Hardware

Y cable – 2 female 3.5mm stereo to single male 3.5mm stereo

2 Audio patch cables – 3.5mm stereo male to male. *The second patch cable is for external speaker monitoring

1 external USB sound card (A)

1 on-board internal sound card (B) (Your computers built in sound card)

How To set up Cable Connections to the sound cards

SB X-FI Go is the external card, Realtek HD Audio is the built in internal PC soundcard

Attach the male end of the Y cable to Speaker Out on external sound card (Sound Card A).

Plug your headphone speaker cable into one of the female connectors on the Y cable.

Plug the microphone of your headset into Mic In on external sound card (Sound Card A).

Plug one end of the patch cable into the other female connector of the Y cable and the other end into internal Mic In for the internal sound card (Sound Card B).

*Note: External speakers can be used to monitor your stream for testing stream. Will need another patch cable.

The external sound card (Sound Card A) is dedicated to Skype.

Your internal sound card (Sound card B) is dedicated to BUTT or other broadcasting software.

Skype Software

Configuring Skype

Go to “Tools”, “Options” and “Audio settings” to access Microphone and Speaker audio settings. Set both Microphone and Speaker to work off the external sound card (Sound Card A).

Configure Internal Sound Card

You should not have to do anything to your internal sound card settings except to make sure both sound cards are enabled. But for your information to access your settings go to Windows “Control Panel” and


The default for “Playback” should be internal card Realtek High Definition Audio.

The default for “Recording” should be internal card Realtek High Definition Audio.


Sharing audio files over the broadcasting stream and Skype so callers on the line can hear

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