Time For An Awakening Radio gets Tune In listing

Time For An Awakening RadioTime For An Awakening is a radio program that migrated from a terrestrial radio station WURD in Philadelphia and is now broadcasting online. Elliot Booker who hosts the program along with Reggie Raghu, starting searching for alternative means to broadcast radio when he came across the Black Talk Media Project and reached out to founder Scotty Reid to explore his options.

Elliot said he had considered trying Blog Talk Radio but did not like the sound quality and said it sounded like “someone was speaking into a microphone through a rag”. Scotty told him that the Black Talk Media Project could help him produce a high quality eadio program through the Internet without sacrificing sound quality by using broadcasting software, Skype and a SHOUTcast radio stream from the Black Talk Media Project.

Elliot was told that while producing an online radio program this way is not hard, it certainly would not be as easy as picking up a telephone and calling into conference line being broadcast on a low bit rate SHOUTcast stream but in the long run, if he was willing to learn using the tutorials posted on Black Talk Media Project, he would save money and produce a radio program with superior audio quality.

Several weeks later Time For An Awakening started broadcasting on the Black Talk Radio Network and has become popular with many of its Philadelphia listeners following the show to the Internet. Elliot would later learn how to manage the Auto Dj feature in the CentovaCast radio server management system and is now serving up live and pre-recorded programs to listeners 24/7.

Today the Time For An Awakening Radio online radio station achieved another milestone when the popular radio directory Tune In accepted Elliot’s submission of his station which is now listed in their database. Tune In makes its own apps for smart phones, tablets and motor vehicles so stations listed in their directory can offer listeners more ways they can tune in and reach new listeners.

The Black Talk Media Project is thrilled to see the success that Elliot Booker is having as an independent Black media producer.

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