Simple way to maximize server space to upload more files

1-24-2015 10-39-26 PM
Graphic shows an mp3 audio file at 128kbs with a file size of 49MB and the same file after being converted to an mp3 audio file at 64kbs with a file size of 24.1MB.

You can increase the number of audio files you can upload to a radio server for automated playlist by reducing the file size by reducing the bitrate (kbs) of your audio file. This post assumes that you are working with mp3 files or have converting wav files which are typically very large, to mp3 format. You can convert wav files with free audio editing and mixing software like Audacity or Format Factory, both are free and can be obtained online.

If you are converting videos like Youtbe videos to mp3 audio format, most online conversion websites will convert the video to mp3 files that have a bitrate of 128kbs. While a file at 128kbs is certainly going to be smaller than a wav file, you can further the reduce the size of the mp3 by converting it from 128kbs to 64kbs without losing much sound quality especially if you are dealing with non-music files like a podcast made from a live talk radio broadcast or pre-recorded podcast. Even if you are working with a music files, there really is no discernible difference especially if the server is set to broadcast at 128kbs it will reformat the smaller 64kbs mp3.

Following these recommendations can increase the number of audio files you can upload to the server without using up your allocated server space.

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