Black Talk Media Project supports the NAAAOM lawsuit against cable giants

3-4-2015 2-23-12 PM

Black media entrepreneur Byron Allen recently joined a $20 Billion dollar lawsuit filed by the National Association of African American Owned Media against cable giants has been speaking out very loudly about the role of Rev. Al Sharpton and other Black organizations whom he says help white media corporations by providing cover for those accused of racism. The lawsuit alleges that Comcast and Time Warner practice racism against Black owned media companies spending less than 3 million dollars of a multi-billion dollar budget to license content from them while claiming to offer diverse programming.

The National Association of African American Owned Media on its website says that it unites voices across the communications and entertainment industries to fight for economic inclusion, including equal access to distribution, investment capital, sponsorship, and other critical resources.

Their objectives include Protecting and promoting current African-American owned media, Increase the number of African-American owned media ventures, Ensure fair unrestricted access to all media platforms, including net neutrality and to End discrimination in advertising, investment, and licensing.

The Black Talk Media Project which was incorporated in the state of North Carolina in 2008 as a non-profit new media education organization supports the lawsuit of The National Association of African American Owned Media but at the same time we urge all independent Black media producers to band together and work on creating shared platforms to distribute media and to work towards ending their dependency on non-Black owned platforms to reach the Black masses. The Black masses must do their part in supporting these platforms so that the platform is not dependent on dollars from corporations involved in less than ethical business practices.

New media technology is changing the media landscape, the Internet allows us to reach global audiences, and it is time to take advantage of what is available to us as a people.

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