Do you use Google Hangouts to produce digital radio programming?

Google Hang Outs

By Scotty Reid

Do you use Google Hangouts? Do you use it to make free phone calls and participate in video chats? I was testing it for the first time today and the only and the biggest drawback I could ascertain was that I could not control the volume (audio) of callers within the application. It does appear to run much, much lighter than Skype and therefore less of a strain on computer resources because it is a web based flash phone that runs in a browser.

You can make free calls from within the United States to calls withing the United States & Canada for free. You need a paid Skype subscription to make phone calls to 7 digit and 800 numbers. You can also receive calls via a Google Voice seven digital number connected to Hangouts. Again, you need to lease a 7 digit phone number from Skype.

It sounds clear and much better than the web based flash phone offered by FreeConferenceCallHD which is better for free calls for international callers other wise callers have to dial thirteen digits to get into the conference line. Google Hangouts can make a free call to the FreeConferenceCallHD to take advantage of its 1,000 plus seating for callers and conference in featured speakers.

When using as a phone system for a digital radio program, it is useless to a program producer without the ability to control the volume of the callers within the application itself. Maybe you can and I have not figured out yet how to access the Google Hangouts volume control panel for the phone system.

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