About BTMP

Black Talk Media Project

The Black Talk Media Project is a North Carolina-based state non-profit founded in 2008 to establish safe digital spaces for independent black and non-white media producers. Black Talk Radio Network was launched in the same year as the founding of the Black Talk Media Project which currently manages s independent digital radio broadcasting and pod-casting platform.

The Black Talk Media Project engages the public through several social media pages that constantly feed informative articles related to what the focus of those pages like WatchACop, Political Prisoner Radio, Black Talk Radio Network, New Abolitionists Radio and several accounts on Youtube, Twitter and major podcast distributors like iTunes and Stitcher.

For 8 years we have been educating the public on new media technology and and how to leverage new media for themselves. In 2016, Black Talk Media Project launch an updated knowledge base website associated with the radio pod-casting platform.

The long-term mission of the Black Talk Media Project is to establish media technology centers across the nation that would make up the backbone of a national public digital radio network serving under-served communities to re-establish independent unaffiliated black owned radio stations in a digital format.

Our mailing address is Black Talk Media Project, P.O. Box 65, Mount Holly, NC 28120.

Thank you for showing an interest in independent black media institution building.

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