Digital Radio Engineering & Podcasting Service

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Digital Radio Engineering Service

Black Talk Media Project offers digital radio engineering and podcasting services to clients who would like to host a talk radio program and distribute their podcast on Black Talk Radio Network’s popular platform geared towards a Black demographic.  No special equipment is needed but USB headsets and mics are encouraged for superior audio quality. We reserve the right to reject programming that may not be suitable to the station’s audience and services are provided on a month to month basis.

Client’s talk radio programs are featured on the Black Talk Radio Network platform with a profile page and an archive section for podcasts. Your podcasts are submitted to the outside podcast directories for distribution. Promotions of your program will be posted to the network and distributed through several of our social networking accounts.

A podcast of the live program is recorded and formatted with ID3 tag information that tells directories and podcast players details about the audio file when they are distributed from the website via an RSS feed. Podcasts can be download directly from the website Black Talk Radio Network and bloggers can help spread your podcast using the media player embed code for each episode.

NEW! Live programs are now streamed over the Black Talk Radio YouTube account.

Every month a statistical report of listener activity on Black Talk Radio’s station, daily and monthly reports on podcast downloads.

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Rates are based on a $20 per hour basis with a minimum of 4 hours per month. After the minimum 4 hours, additional hours can be obtain for $10.00 per hour. Services are rendered on a month to month basis with no contracts.

Current Station Schedule

Please review the current station schedule for open time slots. Slots are based on a first come first serve basis. Lock in your time slot now!

For a free consultation fill out the contact form below. Black Talk Radio targets a certain demographic and reserves the right to decline programs that we do not believe would meet our programming guidelines.