Internet radio broadcast using free software & tools

Internet RadioMany people doing Internet radio broadcasting are getting ripped off for an inferior service when they can use all free tools to do quality broadcasts. Is it simpler to use platforms like Blog Talk Radio that allow you to call in on a telephone and use their online-based software? Yes, of course, but the quality of the broadcast leaves a lot to be desired with about a 32kbs radio stream. In terms of quality audio, Talkshoe, Spreaker, and a few lesser-known Internet radio platforms have far better audio quality for their radio streams.

Talkshoe broadcasts at about 64kbs, which is cd quality audio, Spreaker broadcasts at 128kbs, which is top of the line, and not much more is needed. However, Talkshoe does not have a built in soundboard to play audio clips and you would need to use some extra software and Stereo Mix in order to share audio with the callers on the line and listening to the stream. Spreaker has a built in soundboard for playing clips but it also allows a broadcaster to use other software to connect with their platform. Talkshoe is free and Spreaker is reasonably priced but has broadcast time restrictions depending on the type of account you have.

Instead of using someone else’s platform, what if you could build your own platform or website, completely brand your radio program or better yet, your own virtual station? Most of these platforms are based on either SHOUTcast or IceCast and do not cost as much to use as some of these platforms are charging. For a fraction of the cost, a person could do an Internet radio broadcast and even run a radio station using all free software and the only cost associated with it would be the cost of the audio stream and maybe a branded media player for their stream.

In terms of apps needed for listeners to tune in from a Smartphone, you can either pay to have some branded apps developed or you can simply get your station stream listed on Tune In which makes apps for not only mobile phones but for vehicles and televisions as well. Perhaps with the money you save by doing mostly everything yourself and using free software to do a radio broadcast; you could have your own listening apps developed. The point is, why pay for something you do not need and gives you limited control over.

The video tutorial uses all free software and tools to broadcast Internet radio. The software and free tools used in the video are Stereo Mix, Butt, Zara Radio and a free conference line or Skype.

You can realistically get your cost down to less than $10 per month depending on the size of your listening audience using these methods and broadcast whenever you want with few limitations.

*Note: Butt software does save your broadcast in mp3 format that you can upload to a free podcast host like Talkshoe and Spreaker allows free accounts to upload podcasts via rss feeds. Black Talk Radio Network’s new platform will allow podcast uploading.

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