The Facebook “Page View” problem

2-19-2014 7-13-33 PMBy Scotty Reid – People who manage Facebook pages have noticed a considerable drop in their Facebook views of material that they post. Unlike personal pages, Facebook Business and Fan pages show a view count, which tells them how, many individual Facebook users see individual posts. Many articles have been written about from technical point of views discussing algorithms to theories that Facebook is purposely suppressing views of Page content to entice page managers to pay for posts. There is no definitive answer and only Facebook executives can answer that question. However, there is a possible fix, at least a partial fix.

After encountering yet another conversation by page owners on the problem of Facebook page views, I decided to do some investigation and experimentation. What I noticed that if a Facebook user “Likes” a page, that they may or more likely, may not see posts from those pages in their Facebook News Feed. I wondered why I never saw posts for many of my liked pages unless I had been interacting with those pages by commenting on their posts and/or sharing them.

I then was invited to “Like” a page by a Facebook friend. When I “Liked” the page, I took interest in the small arrow that is in the top right hand corner of the like button on the page. This arrow only appears after you have liked a page. I clicked on the arrow on the Like button, a drop down menu appeared, and one of the items listed was “Get Notifications”. Now I am probably not breaking news or the first to write about this but apparently, many Facebook users are not aware of it.

Note: When you “Like” a page, another button will appear with a check mark that says “Following”. You can “Like” a page and then choose to not follow it. However, whether you are following a page or not, you may or more likely, may not get updates in your “News Feed”. The page’s post will show up in your “Pages Feed”.

I then decided to go to one of the pages I had liked but not seen any its posts in the months since first liking it and clicked on the Like button arrow and the drop box came down and I then checked “Get Notifications” to see what would happen. Minutes later a post from that page showed up in my News Feed but later that day I did not see anymore from the page in my News Feed but I was getting notifications that the page had made a post, shared a link or posted a photo.

Therefore, if is apparent that if Facebook users are “liking” pages so that they can follow its posts they should opt to “Get Notifications” and if page managers want to recover some of their post views, they should probably post in the “short description” of the page what steps the users most follow. The video posted on this page illustrates the steps the users and page managers should take. It also contains a shortcut that users can take by clicking on the “Pages Feed” which is separate from user’s regular “News Feed”.

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